Group Show: Painting 11

Asilo III (detail)

Asilo III (detail) oil on linen

Figure 0611 – detail

Opening this Friday 01 July at Lindberg Galleries, Melbourne:

Painting 11 (There will be no skulls in this exhibition)

Painting previews of my most recent works, Asilo III and Figure 0611:

Opening Night: Friday 01, July 6 – 8 PM. Lindberg Galleries, Melbourne
Exhibition Dates: 01 – 31 JULY 2011
Facebook Event.


5 thoughts on “Group Show: Painting 11

  1. I love the fact that your work is as exciting ten centimetres away as it is ten metres away Paul.
    Love that surface detail!

  2. Hi Paul, will try to attend the show. Have been following your blog entries since we met last year. Thanks for the tips about art education. I have become truly fascinated with the human figure and had a first attempt at a portrait this semester in art school. I can now fully understand how it can take years for artists to master drawing/painting the figure.
    Rita Soares

  3. Thanks for visiting Michael, I appreciate your feedback.

    Hi Rita,

    Glad to hear you have been busy with art projects involving the figure…and you’re welcome on the feedback. All the best with it.

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