The Abandoned Possibility

francis bacon studio

bacon’s studio

“As well as photographs and printed images, there is a considerable collection of paintings in various stages of destruction. Over a hundred slashed canvasses…Bacon acknowledged that he encountered problems when the paint became too clogged on the surface. When he couldn’t push it any further, he would cut it up.”

~Barbara Dawson |  Francis Bacon: A Terrible Beauty, p.66-67

This is reassuring and inspirational, especially in the presence of abandoned and destroyed works. In response to this, excavating old, fragile or previously discarded images (and there’s no shortage of these) can offer up continued fodder for painting. Distance and time can shift perspectives and insights. Observation, awareness and resourcefulness are key.

Source image taken by John Deakin c.1933:

francis bacon source - photograph by John Deakin

Francis Bacon source Image: John Deakin c. 1963


One thought on “The Abandoned Possibility

  1. Very timely post, as I have been going through the work I’ve done over the last year and choosing what to recycle, what to abandon and what to keep. Some drawings are ending up as mulch in the garden.

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