Painting Update: Asilo II

Asilo II

Asilo II oil on linen 51 x 41 cm

The most recent instalment of a new painting, Asilo II.

It was sourced from earlier head studies, photographic samples and drawings which, though they may have influenced it in some way, did not dictate the representation of a specific gender or the literal observations of a human being.

The detail shot:

Asilo (detail)

Asilo (detail)

“work that is made perfectly… and that is perfectly clear and perfectly certain, I don’t care for because I find the implications of that dangerous, in a cultural sense – as a value. I am offended by it as a person.” ~Sean Scully.

I concur.

The painting is now with Lindberg Galleries.

Enquiries or viewings please contact / +61 403 066 775


One thought on “Painting Update: Asilo II

  1. This is stunning work – the balance of the softness in the face, particularly around the lips, against the harder shoulder is beautiful.

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