Looming Shadows: Rick Amor

theatre 1992

Theatre 1992

I remember seeing Rick Amor’s paintings for the first time at school. Much of his art, especially the urban and seascapes, have a way of arresting you with their silence and mystery; a way of compelling reflection and evoking memories – the blurred and barely discernible ones with little context and those redolent of childlike sensations and wonder.

I dream about my childhood in the same dark tonality of my paintings. The sky is always lowering in to the sea, the beach is deserted and something awful has happened or is about to happen. ~Rick Amor

the dog

the dog 1989

You enter into Amor’s world, his imagination, and it becomes your own for a time. You are left wondering where the long shadows will lead you, what the cascades of light will disclose. Aside from being beautifully constructed, his works embody and convey something of the unspeakable in the way great paintings that confront engima have always done – through vision, application and nuance. I see these works and am quietly reminded of the spaces and light in Balthus and Hopper.

celestial lane

celestial lane (three trees) 1989

Yet it’s not what Amor’s painting compelled me to think, but how it left me feeling that continues to resonate with me some fifteen years after first seeing them. That kind of impact is something to aspire towards.


Rick Amor – A Single Mind


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